Clients From Hell



Calling to find out how I work and how much I charge? You call anytime you like, that is convenient to you. You don’t have the courtesy to ask, “Is this a good time to talk?”
I speak with you, explaining all the nuances of a typical assignment and educate you and equip you to deal with any other professionals you might be speaking with. I spend 30 minutes on the phone with you and when you hire someone else, you don’t even have the professionalism to give me a fucking call and tell me you’re not hiring me?

The excuse of, “Oh but it doesn’t feel nice to tell someone I’m not hiring them.” is lame and silly. You’re not five years old. Learn how to deal with rejection because that is the only reason you can’t deal with informing someone else about their rejection. Morons.

And no, it is NOT cool to reject someone’s services over a phone text. Have the balls to call them up. Because if you don’t call, I will and then you’ll feel even worse.

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Clients From Hell : Yeah

Bitching about clients. The bad ones. And boy are there many. The good ones are meant for the real, company-linked design blog. The bad ones go down in history here - I wish I could tell them to their face where they're screwing up but then I'll just be a poor designer instead of the decently rich one I am now. Compromises.