Clients From Hell


That’s too expensive, no one charges so much

Huh. Really? You know my industry better than I do?

And why would you open your call to me introducing yourself like this : “I wanted to know more about your services, I am also a journalist with so-and-so-newspaper.”

“But this is not a special wedding or anything. Not an industrialist’s wedding you know. Just a normal wedding. No one charges this much.”


“I saw your website a few days ago, I’m not sure what I saw. You are one of those special photographers right?” [ Referring to candid wedding photography. ]

If you’re fishing for pricing, make it clear. I don’t have a problem sharing my pricing. But please understand that I am not delusional when I’m sharing my pricing. I DO charge that much. Negotiating without knowing what you’re negotiating for is the first signal that I don’t want to work with you.


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