Clients From Hell


Why read the contract?

Always the same excuse : that there’s too much work to allow time for blogging. Truth is, sometimes I just don’t give a fuck. Bad clients will always be present and sometimes, just sometimes, dissing them over beer isn’t as satisfying as turning down the engagement and telling them to fuck off. With their money. Done that a couple of times and nothing more satisfying. Might not be the best practical solution, but heck, feels good.

The latest is the client who didn’t read the contract. And signed it. And then argued with me. And got what they deserved. What kind of a person, running a multi-national business, does not read a piece of paper they are signing? A legal piece of paper. Everything was spelled out correctly and the way it is with all my business contracts. Maybe I should have put in some other stuff and charged some extra. In the future, maybe I will include a charge for “not reading the contract”. Halfway through the engagement, they told me they didn’t like what they were seeing – after all the iterations and phases had been exhausted. The contract mentioned a certain number of iterations and phases and that extras will be charged. They had the gall to then tell me that I hadn’t told them / informed them and that they would not “condone such behavior”. Like WTF! Seriously?

Of course, the contract they had signed had clearly mentioned all specifics so they couldn’t do anything about the “condone” bit. In exchange, I also wrote a stinker with the “condone” bit from my side. Well and truly pissed. How are such people in business? Oh wait, they were “outsroucing for our client” so they could obviously spend the client’s money without reading the contract.

Ah. More later. The thing I tell myself is that the lesser bad clients I have, the lesser I write here, which works both ways!

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