Clients From Hell


Skinned alive

Friend’s Dad called me in for a project quote. “You’re the only one I’m talking to! No other designers!” I even wasted fuel to visit his office. Once I got back from the meeting, my assessment was, “Whatever I quote – even if it half of what I usually quote, his balls are going to drop off.” And unfortunately, I was right. Out of courtesy, I quoted half and even THAT was “Way too expensive! I think we just want a mediocre deliverable for now. When we want something really exceptionally good, probably next year, I will then get in touch with you.”

Why the fuck did he get in touch with me in the first place then? He did see my work before hand – and a lot of people have told me the moment they see my work they assume it’s expensive – and one person’s expensive is not necessarily another person’s expensive [ and THAT is my target customer ]. Who’s going to pay for the fuel? And the hourly charge for consultation?

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  1. another web desiger says:

    Boy would I love to co blog with you on this crap. The other day I had someone come back from 6 months ago and say that come customers couldn’t see her web pages. I said, okay, give me the type of browsers or something to go on here. And she sends me a customer reply who said “I use Mac and Microsoft Word”. I thought to myself, WTF, no wonder she can’t see it. So I tell her, okay I think it might be the javascript on the page, so I can position the stuff to the side and that might help.

    She’s complaining, why I’m not doing this for free. Are you Serious! Ah because I have to get dinner tommorrow night and I need the cash. What other reason is there? So she finally sends me 85. dollars after 15 emails and in her final email she says “just as long as it works in all browsers” and that was the final straw.

    I thought to myself, and now I’m going to be hearing from her every day saying it doesn’t work on Microsoft Word and some freaking browser on a mobile phone. What’s worse is it occurs to me at this point that now I’m going to be cycling back and back with this bitch for the rest of my life over an 85 dollar fix for something that is mysteriously broken that I don’t know what it is.

    That’s it. I refunded the money, blocked her emails and blocked her number from my phone. Seriously people, we don’t need to try to live up to your ridiculous expectations for the rest of our lives for 85. dollars. If you don’t have 85. to run a business then you should go get a freaking job.

  2. amber says:

    oh god… I am so thankful to have found this blog. I no longer feel alone in the perils of working with clients who have no effing clue what they want or need.
    Thank you!

  3. Mystery Man says:

    We all feel your pain, brother. I had a Project Manager ask me why I can’t just copy and paste from a photoshop document into an HTML page. Actually, she didn’t ask if we could; rather, she was accussing of me wasting time on tableless design and CSS, when we can just cut and paste and be finished.

    This is at General Mills, btw … so no matter what type of panacea you can get into, it always turns out to be dystopic.


  4. Cody says:

    I’m not sure if I’m not getting this, but as someone from a non-design background, I’m surprised.

    It sounds like you’re in business for yourself, so you either wear the cost of the initial consult and live with it when they don’t want your product, or you quote them for the initial consult and get the purchase order before going out.

    But you’re saying you went out there without any arrangement, then are complaining about money when they decided not to go with you. That seems like sour milk to me.

    I don’t want to be rude. Am I missing something?

  5. Cody, you’re not being rude. And you don’t need to apologize for your opinion. Yes, there was no arrangement beforehand because it was a personal contact. Besides, if you haven’t yet made out, this blog’s for bitching – and that’s what I’m doing. [ I don’t charge for an initial consultation because I don’t do meetings. Period. I went for this one because it was close to where I live and it was my father’s contact. ]

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