Clients From Hell


Skinned alive

Friend’s Dad called me in for a project quote. “You’re the only one I’m talking to! No other designers!” I even wasted fuel to visit his office. Once I got back from the meeting, my assessment was, “Whatever I quote – even if it half of what I usually quote, his balls are going to drop off.” And unfortunately, I was right. Out of courtesy, I quoted half and even THAT was “Way too expensive! I think we just want a mediocre deliverable for now. When we want something really exceptionally good, probably next year, I will then get in touch with you.”

Why the fuck did he get in touch with me in the first place then? He did see my work before hand – and a lot of people have told me the moment they see my work they assume it’s expensive – and one person’s expensive is not necessarily another person’s expensive [ and THAT is my target customer ]. Who’s going to pay for the fuel? And the hourly charge for consultation?

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Clients From Hell : Yeah

Bitching about clients. The bad ones. And boy are there many. The good ones are meant for the real, company-linked design blog. The bad ones go down in history here - I wish I could tell them to their face where they're screwing up but then I'll just be a poor designer instead of the decently rich one I am now. Compromises.