Clients From Hell


Family members can be the worst clients

I shot at a wedding recently. There are about 200 ‘selected’ photographs, which need to be edited. And not just color balancing, every woman wants their pimples removed, the men want their beer-bellies shrunk and of course everyone should look fairer. It’s been three days since the wedding and apart from these photographs, I need to do so much other ‘regular’ work. And every day someone or the other calls up to ask why the fuck haven’t I delivered the photographs yet. Thankfully I don’t have to get them printed – not yet anyway.

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  1. supr says:

    Great stuff if you need to vent some frustration out 🙂

    Keep’em coming man!

  2. Hi!
    How do I understand you.
    Do you sign a contract with your clients, where you fix dates, prices, works ?

    And strike in contract that all communication is between you and Client – the couple! Not granny, not cousin, not mommy …
    Sometimes we get to hating them. But the matter is very often in weak organizing our business.

  3. bob says:

    don’t remove beer bellys. don’t remove pimples. quote them a price that includes:
    1. 200 images basic color balance
    2. 5-10 with touchup
    3. 1 that you really put time in for the large wall portrait, and your portfolio

    if they want to see something w/in days of the wedding, do a cheap-o online gallery with batch color correction only (telling them in advance of signing a contract of course). and for the final product, it’s at least 4 weeks, probably more like 5 or 6 weeks. i don’t know if all photographers have similar timeframes, but most of the ones i follow do. those people will try to kill you. don’t help them out.

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  5. Ben says:

    Why are people using these comments as a way to give advice? The button says “Post Comment” not “Impart Personal Insight.” Who knows what the contract said, who cares? This junk is hilarious because it happens to almost everyone in design/development.

    Love it! Me want more funnYs!

  6. Cody says:

    Ben, it’s Web 2.0. Everyone gets to voice their opinion. That’s the point.

  7. Bob, that is good advice – for people starting out, the simplest stuff is confounding. I know it, I’ve been there. And with every client, it’s a little different – they want to deal with you the way they believe is correct. It’s a pain, but that’s one part of being a designer /photographer – it isn’t just about your craft.

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