Clients From Hell


I want something simple

Is not equal to free!
What the fuck is wrong with people – do you get onions for free? Then how can you even think that design services will be for free? I mean… HOW!?

Sure you’re a Life Coach – like you’re saving humanity – and you have a website your Sister-in-Law’s son designed for you [ aaaaaaargh! ] and you take inhuman pride in claiming that he did it for free for you and now you want me to design you a logo for free?

I am a one-person shop and ‘budget’ is a word I haven’t heard of.

Well, good-mornin to ya chump, I’m a one-person shop too and like you, [ I hope ], I have bills to be paid – and forget bills – I aint doin no charity. So quit kidding and get to the point. I sometimes wonder how nice it would be to organize a competition among potential clients. The question asked will be “Tell me why I should do your design for free? The most convincing answer will get a 50% discount on my regular professional fee! Yippee!”

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  1. Grey Wolfe says:

    Are you still in business? I hate stupid webdesigners! I designed my webpage a while ago and I hate it. It took me 24-hours to get it up and running and I have gone to at least 4 different “webdesigners” or “hosters” and they all do the same stupid thing — tell me they like my page so why change it. I also hired someone to change my phone number on the page and add a mechanism for people to contact me and the all the idiot did was add my email address to my page. Duh! They just don’t get it, but you sound like you do. If you have a contact info, please help me find you. Thanks.

  2. I am still in business indeed. Although I must turn down your offer πŸ™‚ What if we don’t get along as client-designer? Then I wouldn’t be able to bitch about you on the blog πŸ˜€ Maybe the hosters/designers you are going to, tell you they like your page because you’re not willing to compensate them for the effort required to re-design the website? [ I charge approx $3000 for a 5-10 page website – inclusive of a contact form, no Flash – international web standards HTML and CSS. ]But who knows what their excuse is! Are you talking about as the website that you need re-designed? Very kind of you to say that you think I ‘get’ it πŸ™‚ Great hearing from you!

  3. […] blog, “Clients From Hell“, that perfectly sums up my last three weeks. One particular post from this blog hit a nerve, and after a very, very long time, I was inspired to write my own […]

  4. Styla says:

    LOL @ Onions line. That is hilarious.

    I’m gonna use that. Unfortunately for me, I have a company that are truly getting on my nerves and exploiting me at every angle (I’m a freelance designer) – Hence, I’m looking up ‘web design stories from hell’ and found this blog – just trying to find what others have done to put a resolve to their nightmares!


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