Clients From Hell


I’m good.

I just totally hate it when clients try to design themselves. Why hire me then? I’m doing a logo for someone right now and the number of iterations have been prohibitive – the client side involves three decision makers – I am interacting only with one because they assured me no more was necessary.

Now this client sends me three logos they like – one of them was designed/sketched by me and the other two by lord alone knows who. I like two of those sketches. The client brief in the beginning made it amply clear that they needed something that works in black and white – of the two that i like, only one will work in black and white – the other needs to be developed further and refined to allow it to be functional.

When I got this particular e-mail from the client, I really did think out loud “What the fuck are they paying me for then?” Now that I look at the logos I have suggested to them, I really like what I’ve come up with – after a long vacation, as a designer, you get to see your work in a totally new perspective.

Damn I’m good!


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