Clients From Hell


Mr. Intermediary

The end-client is not very savvy about corporate identity and branding and what it can do for his company. He probably doesn’t even know that there are people who make a decent living [ ok, live like kings ] doing corporate identity and branding ONLY.

The client’s friend is someone who knows what branding is all about [ “knows more than the client” would be a better way to describe it ]. This is Mr. Intermediary. The brief was filled in my Mr. Intermediary. Mr. Intermediary went online [ Logopond specifically ] to pick out logos he liked and he thought the client liked [ he even told me – “Internationally not every logo can be different, so I’m ok with it if you copy something and modify it slightly. We are going to be using it STRICTLY locally.” That is one huge problem with any client – they don’t know how to dream big, they don’t have a vision that they MIGHT be international players at some point. ] Mr. Intermediary even critiqued the first set of sketches that I sent to the client.

Result : the client doesn’t like anything I’ve done, Mr. Intermediary doesn’t know his elbow-from-his ass anymore [ he talks in loops – more than 30 minutes per conversation when trying to get his point across – obviously a 40-year old frustrated bastard with nothing else to do with his life than preach design ] and I’m one lost puppy who just wants some milk and a cosy litter-box to wail away my woes. Arf!

During a conference call with the end-client, I finally told Mr. Intermediary to fuck-off. The end-client called me up after the conference call and said that that might have been a good decision. Fortunately it worked out well for me [ apart from the fact that I now have to re-start from scratch ]. With an uneducated client who fortunately has some common sense. Woof!


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  1. This is why you need to carry a boat oar to each meeting. When the client starts to nag on the design work, slowly glance over to the boat oar, pat it gently, and mutter “not now… soon… not just yet”.

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