Clients From Hell


Fonts for free

Another pet peeve of mine is that for some reason clients don’t get it that fonts are not free. That typefaces and fonts need to be purchased from font foundries. That some people actually have careers in font design and development.

My deliverables almost ALWAYS include submission of font/typeface used in the project. And each time I have to tell the client that these fonts are licensed and they will need to purchase a copy from the relevant seller. ( In all projects I convert the font to outlines so that the client doesn’t have to worry about inconsistency. ) Since most of the good fonts out there are expensive, when they find out about the price after visiting the link I provide them, all clients revert with a “What the hell are you talking about? How the hell am I going to edit my brochure? How the hell am I going to type out my logo for the soft-board in my cubicle?”

Buy the font for starters.

And leave the designing to designers. Is that so hard to get? No wonder a majority of clients who use the services of a designer, end up with badly-designed work – they meddle so much and sometimes completely overtake the designer.


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