Clients From Hell


Time Wasters

I’ve worked successfully, remotely with clients thousands of miles away from my geographical location without so much as a phone conversation. Meeting up is expensive and so are telephone conversations. There are technologies like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk that allow me to work seamlessly with them.

But local clients ALWAYS want to meet.
If I had half a chance I would love to meet with all my clients and extend the work-relationship further into a friendship. But when that means meeting for four hours discussing your sister’s education and bitching about your own clients without discussing anything about the work I’m supposed to be doing for you, I really am tempted to charge by the hour.

Why in God’s name do I need to meet to get a brief from a client? I have a document that can be filled in and I ALWAYS follow it up with a phone conversation to understand the client/company/product better. Besides, the non-meeting projects have ALWAYS worked out wonderful with glowing client testimonials so I really have no reason to convert everything to a face-to-face meeting. I’d waste enormous amounts of time socializing and would never get anything done.


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  1. Cinnamon says:

    My business is ongoing with clients and I work by contract fees. It includes one one-hour meeting per quarter. I learned quickly that people will waste your time. I have one guy that spends his first hour with me each quarter talking on his cell phone. Dude. I have better things to do.

  2. qweenbee says:

    I’m working on the fourth revision of a script for a client who told me “you are the creative one — you tell me what I should be saying”. I think he has finally removed every word from my original script and replaced it with slapstick humor and stupid dialogue between bad actors that he can’t afford to pay. Tell me again — WHY AM I DOING THIS??????

  3. My ex-boss did that to me once. You’re lucky you’re still on the fourth revision – I was on the 21st revision when I told him he was a bastard and quit the damn job 🙂

    Then there’s a client I’m doing a hoarding for – he pretty much knew what he wanted and made it quite evident and I just did what he wanted me to do – so no revisions and he bought the first draft I showed him – in fact he was so happy with “my” skills that he asked me to do another one! Only downside is that I am not going to show this on my portfolio EVER because it just totally sucks!

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