Clients From Hell


Want more Pay more

Is it so difficult to understand?

Effort, addition deliverable, extra work – costs extra money. I mean, even a monkey would get that. But no! This client definitely does not get it. Totally does not get it. After my two e-mail to the client explaining that the original agreement did not mention the extra deliverable, the client still has the cheek to write to me telling me that “businesses always do a little extra for their customers“.

Well yeah they do, and I do it too – but not a whole new design deliverable! And definitely not when the payment for the originally decided deliverables itself is 1/5th the regular price.

It’s like telling a farmer:

“Hey! You already grow potatoes in field one and onions in field two. You will be excavating both from the ground anyways [ so its not like you have to develop a whole new concept – it’s the same process! ] and I’m your first time customer buying one kilogram of onions. Why don’t you give me one kilogram of potatoes to grow with the onions? A business always does a little extra for its customers!”

Go to hell man! Duh!


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2 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I just fired a client today (the first time ever in over 5 years of working for myself). It was very stressful and difficult, but I know I did the right thing…

  2. I still have to fire a client although this one came the closest – every day I have to resist from calling up this client and telling them “We’re done!” I’m slowly learning to say “No” during the preliminary agreements/discussion phase itself – saves a lot of pain. And you are so not alone!

    Firing a client is never easy to take a call on – and actually going through with it must have been indeed very stressful – so I’m sure you did the right thing – nobody likes firing a client and the only reason someone would do that is when the water’s above the nose.

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