Clients From Hell


Totally unacceptable

That pimple on your face is totally unacceptable.
Warm Regards,
Mr. Client.

Now that’s a great piece of feedback. No further work points, no decision made, nothing related to the project – just a piece of random opinion. Who gives a shit what you think of my face or my pimple Mr. oh-so-17thCentury-trying-to-be-21stCentury-Client? Someone please go and tell him that he can’t even speak English properly – and he’s apparently studied at London! Someone also please tell him not to try too hard to impress me – I know he sucks as a client, he doesn’t pay me well and criticizes my work all the time. Why the hell am I working with him anyway?

Out of boredom I suppose. Been going through the “slump”.


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2 Responses

  1. Well, not literally! But the client did object to something not related to the original design agreement and was totally opinionated instead of giving a critique. So I got pissed!

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