Clients From Hell


so What do you want?


“I want a sexy logo.”
“I want the allure and the aura of my brand to be visible in the logo.”
“I want it to be different.”
“I want you to use your judgement and create this absolutely stunning logo.”
“I CANNOT pay you your asking price – but you need to make your wonderful talents available to the masses Mr. Design Designer.”
“I don’t want to color your design judgement based on what I think will look good as my logo.”
“I am so very disappointed with that logo you’ve designed! How could you?”
“Don’t you remember I told you that the logo and the font need to be embedded together?”
“I would like a splash of red.”
“I hate that font you’re using – what is it called – ah! Garamond – who created that stupid looking thing anyway!”
“I love the logo of that famous similar-product company – can we do something similar?”
“I don’t mean to sound harsh [ but I’ve paid you money you know and now I’m feeling that because I’ve paid you only tenth your asking price, you won’t put your heart and soul into the job ].”
“I know what looks good for my brand – so don’t tell me which design looks better or suits my brand – and if you do tell me, I am going to shoot it down anyway.”


Should I just return his 50% advance and ask him to BITE ME?


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