Clients From Hell



I started negotiating the terms and conditions with this particular client about six weeks back. They STILL have not decided on what the hell they want to do!

In one of the first communications, I told them my quote, the timelines, the terms – and they still want to negotiate – why can’t they just tell me “Sorry Mr. Design Designer, we don’t like your terms so we are not going to work with you.”

But NO! They’ve told me “Yes dear, we love your work, we like your style, but we can’t give you that advance before starting – you see, we are this huge video distribution company and we have loaded pockets, but after negotiating your prices down to about half of what you’d started with, we can’t give you that 50% advance. It’s company policy.”

When I told them that my company policy was 50% advance otherwise no start, they were like “Oh! Don’t be silly, don’t you trust us!?” And I was like – this is worse that the saucer-eyed cat in Shrek II – atleast the cat was cute!

Trust you, my ass.
Why don’t you trust me and pay the whole damn amount before the project starts? Huh?


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