Clients From Hell


NOW you tell me how you want it

Well, I’ve gone and done pretty much the whole logo. Logo-design principle says it should be SIMPLE, CLEAN, UNIQUE – a unique identifiable mark no?

So I did that – presented a wonderful shape – excellent symbol – with all the meaning of the brand integrated into it and the concept integrated into it – and NOW you tell me you want a “Comic Sans”?!


You actually have the cheek to tell me – “I don’t understand what makes you go and pick up all those ugly fonts!” when I use Garamond? Jeezus!

You actually refer me to “Font for Kids” to use fonts for your “sophisticated, elegant, parent-company, premium-product brand”.

And you’re paying me 1/10th of my usual fee because you’re a freind’s best-friend referral.

Go to hell dude – I’ll just do what you’re asking me to do and NEVER show it on my portfolio. Yechch.


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5 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    Wow! This client sounds just like one of mine!

  2. Mike says:

    What’s a matter Mr Design Designer, you don’t like kids?

    Your client’s “sophisticated, elegant, parent-company” logo would probably look sweet set in the ‘Party Balloons’ font.

  3. Well no Mike, I kind of like kids – others kids 🙂 And “Party Balloons” is just tooo perfect – I am actually going through those fonts right now – I have to pick up something that the client has suggested otherwise I’ll just keep going round in unending circles! Thanks for stopping by man!

  4. sam says:

    yeah! Done that! Been there!

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